Newborn and First Year Milestone

Newborn and First Year Milestone information.


We are so excited that you have requested newborn session Information from us. We absolutely love newborn sessions and hope that you will join us for this special time in your lives. Below we are attaching a little bit of information as well as our pricing at the bottom so you can be well educated about how we operate.

We are a full-service studio In Florence, Al that specializes in Newborn and First year milestone Photography. We typically book out 3-6 months in advance, but can sometime work in last minute bookings.

So how soon is too soon? Here’s how we operate :)
Most mommies-to-be contact us once they’ve been to their first doctor's appointment. Some call us the day they take the test :) It’s really never too soon to get information. You ’ll pay the session fee then we will send you a questionnaire.

What do we Provide? (Basically everything) We pre-plan all sessions based on your questionnaire so all the work is done before you come in and everything is ready to roll. Our goal is for you to come into a laid-back, stress-free environment. We have a lot of items we can provide to save your time and money. Our studio has tons of unique props, simple props, bows, swaddles, blankets, crochet and newborn outfits. More than likely, you won't have to worry about loading up a ton of props before the session. Basically, all you will need to provide is milk and wardrobe if you are doing a family or sibling session.
Until your baby arrives, we will take that time to plan, build, purchase, and design the perfect newborn session based on the information you’ve given us.

What to do once you’ve pre registered ?Once your baby arrives you or a family member can call, email or Facebook message us to schedule your newborn session. We make it super easy to set you up. We have one day dedicated each week to our newborns. Don’t forget to get in touch with us! Remember, we like to get them in within 12 days of being born. We ask that you call even if they are jaundice, have dry skin, clogged tear-ducts, and please don’t wait until their umbilical cord falls off. We are amazing at retouching newborns and we can fix all these to things to look natural without making your newborn look over-edited. Our pre-registered newborns are GUARANTEED an appointment. If you wait to call, we don’t guarantee we will have a spot.

What to expect at the session Our newborn day varies each week. Depending on the type of newborn session we plan, you will spend approximately 2-3 hours with us. Once you arrive, we have a very special room just for you. If your baby needs to nurse or feed we have a quiet, private room just for you. While we photograph your newborn, we ask you to make yourself at home. Ashley and I work as a team to create the perfect, relaxed environment and session for you and your baby. We want the studio to be your home away from home. We move and transition between our simple beanbag poses, swaddles, to the creative, more proppy setups.

Want sibling or family? We can do that as well as one of your setups. Our studio allows us to capture your baby and Family with natural light so it looks very home-like and lifestyle and studio light to give you a variety of images to choose from. We don’t charge extra for a Family and sibling photo just mention it on your questionnaire and we will do it.

We work extra hard to earn your trust and ensure your baby's safety with each pose.
Since it's two of us, there is always a hand on or near your baby. Many of our poses are composited for the safety of your baby. Over the years, we’ve developed several tricks and techniques to ensure a successful newborn session to the best of our ability. We use one room for your session so your baby doesn’t come in contact with a lot of people where we use Lysol, Germ-X, and paci-wipes.

Post newborn session Once your session is over we will schedule you a viewing /ordering appointment. within the next two-three weeks to view your precious images on the large TV screen. (Bring tissues, moms normally cry at this point)

See the attachment below to view pricing.

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